Injector Service and Testing (old: Injector Talk)

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Re: Injector Service and Testing (old: Injector Talk)

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I just got a hold of a 1986 324d in great condition. It is a euro only model and was imported to the USA. It has the M21 engine. The only problem is that one of the injectors have a small leak coming from where it goes in the engine. Does anyone have an idea on how I could fix this? I know I should probably replace the nozzles while I am at it. Does anyone know of a reputable place to purchase them online? Thanks, Kevin
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Re: Injector Service and Testing (old: Injector Talk)

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I don't know about the availability of injector nozzles in Europe but i just got a set for my 524td from Kerma TDI,they are $200 and it took me quite a while to receive them. Make sure the return lines aren't leaking and making it seem like its coming from somewhere else, that what i would do first. Since im about to do the injectors on my car I read A lot of stuff of rebuilding Mercedes and VW injectors since they are very similar. Before you do any work on the injectors i would high suggest just reading as much as you can about rebuilding them unless you have done it before. Thats my 2 cents, also to get a quicker and easier response instead of posting in an old sticky or thread just post onto the main page of the Turbo Diesel section. :D here are two helpful links: ... eplace.htm ... &Itemid=28
This link goes into lapping the two halves to prevent them from leaking

Good luck,
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Re: Nozzle

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n62motor wrote:Hi
Do you know if the DN0SD286 nozzle will fit the injector body of 524td 1985. this pdf states that the DN0SD286 is the for 524td 1986.

What is the different in the engine for 1985 vs. 1986?
I need new nozzle on all my injector so I am trying to find chepest way to them as I am only a poor college student
and found the DN0SD286 at:

Thank you
Blast from the past but FYI, I bought both injectors DN0SD286 and DN0SD259 and although I do not have a caliper handy to they appear to be identical except for some minuscule difference in the nozzle, in the last picture the DN0SD286 is on the left, the DN0SD259 on the right. I will measure everything in a couple of days.



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Re: Injector Service and Testing (old: Injector Talk)

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AHHHHH!!! look at all that contamination!!! -Paul
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