Fusebox not getting power

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Fusebox not getting power

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So, I had my 524td up and running but it died while driving a few months back. Finally got around to it, figured out the fusebox is not getting any power. I can still crank the engine and such but no power is getting to the fuel pump. Any ideas on what to do?
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Re: Fusebox not getting power

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I do not know BMWs at all, best I can suggest is go here


and grab the ETM for your car. Check the power distribution pages to figure out what the dead stuff has in common. Looks like the fuel cutoff solenoid runs right off the ignition switch. Do the lights work? That appears to be on the same circuit as the fuel cutoff solenoid. Since it cranks it appears you have power to the ignition switch, and unless I'm reading this wrong the crank circuit and the circuit that runs the lights and fuel cutoff solenoid power from the same source. That section of the switch also appears to power several fuses in the box.

possible its just the ignition switch itself has given up. Voltmeter will tell you. Looks like red is the constant hot from the battery, green is the run-on hot circuits, and black is your starter circuit. Violet is run and accessory on stuff.
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