WTB m21 service tool set

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WTB m21 service tool set

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looking for m21 service tools. a full set would be nice. cam lock. crank lock ETC. Thanks! -Paul
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Re: WTB m21 service tool set

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The cam lock you can use a drill bit for. Forget the size, but its in the standard 1/64 - 1/2".
crank lock pin can be had. I made one on the lathe but i've seen them for not bad prices on amazon. I think its the same pin used on other models. Same with the fan clutch tool.
the cam tool is the hard item. I found a copy of one from someone in the Vixen RV club, but don't know if any are still available. I know they used to rent the official tool out but I can't find that page anymore. You can do it if you're very careful using a square to get the piece on the camshaft at 90 degrees to the valve cover mating surface.
for the fuel pump timing, early 12v Cummins and VW diesels use the same pump, so the adapter is available. Look for Bosch VE pump timing tools and thats it.
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