12MM Rotorhead Camplate

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12MM Rotorhead Camplate

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So I've been building these engines for years but have just now started to play with getting more power from them. The one thing I keep finding conflicting information about is what combination of rotorhead and camplate is usually used to upgrade the IP? The 12mm rotorhead front a Cummins pump is the most common one but some people say not to use the Cummins camplate along with it? This is confusing because the 12mm Cummins rotorhead won't spline into the original 2mm camplate from our pumps. It will only spline into the 2.8 or 3.2mm Cummins camplate. Was just hoping someone had an answer to clear up the confusion.

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Re: 12MM Rotorhead Camplate

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Bumping this because I have similar questions, and hope someone can chime in with some info!
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