Liquidating my collection

Finally, a home for all you 524td oil burners out there.
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Liquidating my collection

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Hi all,
I've got 2- 524tds, one being a eurospec'd 5 speed car and the other being the standard US car. I've come to the realization that 1. I don't drive them. 2. The euro spec one is a project that I'll never finish. It is a tough realization to grasp, but hey, at least someone else will get to enjoy them.
The main question I have is; what in the world are they worth?
I'm not trying to get top dollar, but I would like to pass them along to someone who appreciates them, while also recoup some of the endless amounts of money I've spent over the years on them.

The breakdown:
1986 524td Alpineweiss 215k miles. Euro bumper conversion. Automatic. New tires. PO did the timing belt in 2019. Runs and drives fantastic. The front seats are not Pacific Blue but they have the sheepskin seat covers on them that BMW offered as a dealership option from back in the 80s to hide the mismatched colors. The AC holds a vacuum but when you charge it, it acts as if the orifice tube is clogged. I have a complete 5 speed swap kit I sourced over the years for it as well. Multiple sets of rims; from stock to fancy pants aftermarket. Clean title, registered, etc etc.

The 1984 Euro spec'd 524td. 152k miles. It is the base model with the sport seats. Manual windows, locks, seats and no sunroof! I got it on a trade a few years ago from a friend who sent it to a shop to get it to run right, and it came back from the shop with these words "Idk it has bent valves or something" I took on the project, sourced a known good engine, swapped them out..then I went to replace the injection pump with a euro one. I tried to do it without the cam hold tool and the timing jumped. I got frustrated with myself for rushing the job, and here she sits. I have the original engine, IP, and at least 1 other euro style IP. (fully mechanical) The title work is a little funny, but it has a trail of paperwork and just needs a CA DMV VIN verification. The story goes; it was brought in from Oregon to CA a few years back, my friend got all the paperwork together and started the process at the same time the car stopped running right. So it is all there just needs to be completed. My plans were obviously the same. Get it running and then finish the paperwork. I can provide all paperwork necessary to make it easy.

I'm sure I have a whole extra pile of parts that I'm forgetting about. But I got a lot of crap.

I would really appreciate some insight here. Photos in the link below.
Thanks everyone
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