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CARFAX Offers or Requests NOT Allowed

Posted: Mar 02, 2007 1:10 PM
by Shawn D.

Many message board operators have been informed by representatives of CARFAX that posting CARFAX offers or requests is an official endorsement for fraud against their business.

When someone purchases a CARFAX account, they agree to the following terms and conditions. Thus, both you and anyone you "help out" is violating those terms. Additionally, none of CARFAX's guarantees will apply to that report or any other report procured through that CARFAX account:

"CARFAX Reports (are) intended for my personal use only. Business use, resale and redistribution of CARFAX Reports is strictly prohibited and may lead to deactivation of my account and the imposition of additional charges for CARFAX Reports. I agree that my CARFAX Report purchase shall be governed by all the Terms and Conditions of use of the CARFAX Web Site."

While CARFAX has not contacted about this (yet), we cannot and will not allow CARFAX offers or requests to be posted on the board. This includes the use of any "code words" or euphemisms you might come up with to get around this prohibition. Any such offers or requests are subject to removal by a Beamter without notice or consultation.