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As we've seen from some recent posts, some newcomers to this forum/family might require some basic guidelines for posing their questions to ensure that they might receive constructive help. If you are a newcomer (heretofore referred to as noob) and you are reading this post, we commend you for taking the time to consider the wisdom contained herein. What follows is a bulleted list of some very important concepts to consider before posting a message that contains the subject line: "HELP, MY CAR WON'T START!" with no information in the body of the message. There are several, more lengthy sources for additional pertinent wisdom such as several pages from Corner-Carvers: Corner-carvers official posting rules. This link is both a very informative and entertaining read when it comes to learning how to be an effective contributor to any online community. Now without further ado, the posting guidelines.

* We know you just want a quick answer to your question. Please be aware that most, if not all quick answers are available in the Bentley Manual, or in the archives of this and the Roadfly message boards. If you disregard this point, it will be pointed out to more forcefully when you ask why your heater doesn't blow warm air.

* If, after consulting the Bentley Manual and the archives, you still feel the need to post your question, please follow basic internet/email etiquette when composing your message.

* Make the subject title indicative of the problem (or part) in question.

* When posting a question regarding your car, include the year and model (e.g. 1985 528e, or 88 535is).

* If you're experiencing problems that generate some symptom; unexpected noises, smoke, no start, etc., then include a clear and COMPLETE description of said symptoms.

* Indicate what, if any, changes were made that may have led up to the problem (e.g. "I got these new aftermarket wheels and tires and now I have a front end shimmy.")

- Any new parts installed or replaced?
- Any difficulty in installing any new parts?
- Did you run over any road debris or small animals?
- Have you received any advice already, and if so, what was it?

* Indicate what, if any, diagnostic steps you have taken. What have you done so far to attempt to resolve the problem?

* And most importantly, when your problem is resolved, let everyone know!!! Many people put a lot of time and effort into helping you. Let them know what suggestions worked.

If you post questions that are not answered, and/or you are belittled and made fun of, it is more than likely the result of not having followed these guidelines. Also remember the people with the best information on this board are the most likely to take you to task for not following these guidelines.

Good luck and welcome to the community.