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Rod's Automobile Pages...

Last revised February 20, 2012
The home page is where this Webpages Index is always located. This page contains
a pictorial overview (updated 10-15-11) of my 1983 BMW 528e, its configuration and history with links to
other associated info, such as:
- The 528e engine bay and comments about cleaning and maintenance of it is here.
- Maintenance and Modifications History (updated 4/8/13) for this 528e, since April 1983,
   in .pdf format can be downloaded from here.
- Long term recorded fuel mileage data.

          The following links are at the bottom of the HOME page here.

- Examples of excellent pictures of autos are here. Use them to help you take better
  pictures of your own automobiles, showing their best features and condition of your car,
  using attractive backgrounds and good lighting such as shown in these automobile pictures.
  Click on the small picture at the left of each listing, to access the high rez larger
  pictures of the total automobile, shown from various camera angles and positions.
- Links to vehicle inspection reports to assist you with your own inspection and also including
  the UK "MOT" vehicle inspection checklist.
- BMW E21 through E52 Production numbers, including the number of engine types
  (M10, M20, M30, etc.) produced.
- What the users of this web site have to say.

- BMW E28 Maintenance Tips pages -

Maintenance Tips Pg.1
Last revised April 16, 2013
Maintenance tips, comments and links about performing various types of maintenance. Six pages to
date. This page covers:
- Mike W. tip of the week, at Not actually updated weekly, but still a good
  resource, with additional tips/info contributed by other members. here.
- Adjusting the AFM (a .pdf file of F.R. Wilk's original webpage, which is now gone) is here.
- Idle FAQ - The Idle Stabilization System by Sam Chien-shin Lin of MESA Performance is here.
- Idle Issues - A list of items to check specific to the 325 eta, but still applies to a 528e. here.
- BMW parts catalog ( BMW Parts Catalog) link is here.
- Removing a frozen or damaged disc rotor mounting screw.
- Non BMW hose clamp trouble, Wurth clamps URL link changes are here.
- Timing reference marks, where are they? here.
- Revised Timing Belt Cam and Idler gears. here.
- When the timing belt BREAKS!
- Summary Emission Test Results with E.A.T. performance chip are here.
- 124,000 miles maintenance items, including "Preventive Maintenance" items such
  as radiator, expansion tank, water pump and thermostat
- Valve cover Blind Plug, often overlooked oil and vacuum leak problems. here
- A/C Compressor belt remove/replace, comments about A/C recharging. here.
- Intermittent/random engine power loss during full throttle is here.
- Blown/Broken Hard Disk Drive... don't Throw it Away! (they have very powerful magnets).
- Air Conditioner vents a mess? Here's how to clean them. here.

BMW E28 Maintenance Tips Pg.2
Last revised August 2, 2011
- Suspension description (general) here.
- Pitman arms replacement here.
- Replace speedometer gears here.
- Replace SI Board Batteries here.
- A hidden rust area
- Hood pad replacement. here.
- Temp gauge needle position equals what approximate degrees F? And trouble shooting
  temp gauge and overheating issues. here.
- Do you know about water hose failure due to 'ECD'?
- AC system is actually producing what temperature cold air? 'Blowing cold' means
  nothing unless you are using a known accuracy temperature measuring device! here.
- Cooling system questions and which engine temp sensor does what? here.
- Placement of rear Jack Stands here.
- Front Strut Water Drain and what can happen due to rust! I've expanded this
  subject due to the number of failures I've now seen due to the rust problem. here.
- Bell Housing Sensors Installation, which sense flywheel rotation and position data for
  the ECU/DME ignition control. here.

BMW E28 Maintenance Tips Pg.3
Last revised Aug. 24, 2012
- Swap the seats and help minimize wear.
- Comments about Zymol leather treatment on old and new leather
. here.
- A tip about using Gummi Plfege. here.
- Door doesn't latch right without additional force and rattles. here.
- Modified PROTECH jack pad to prevent damage when lifting
  the E28
at its side lift point brackets under the rocker panels. here.

BMW E28 Maintenance Tips Pg.4
Last revised May 15, 2011
- Replacing the upper and lower control arms with 750i bushings in the upper arms,
  steering linkage replacement, tie-rod lube and alignment.
- Checking disc rotor and wheel lateral runout. here
- A comment about the accuracy of torque wrenches I've used for decades. here.
- A link to a picture by Philo showing his blue polyurethane bushing failure,
  plus another failure on another E28. here.
- Spherical Upper Control Arm Bushings, by Moosehead Engineering. here.
- What no or improper suspension preloading does to a control arm bushing! here.
- Missing heat shield cooked the UCA (Upper Control Arm) bushing! here.
- Steering box center marks - where they actually are versus the Bentley manual picture. here.
- Poor quality anti-swaybar links, joint boots failed within 2300 miles! here.
- Noisy sway bar link joint to link nut connection due to not tightening to the
  proper torque value! here.

BMW E28 Maintenance Tips Pg.5
Last revised July 5, 2009
- Replacing the rear suspension bushings using the right tool. A link to what I call the
  "Saws-All" technique appears to be broken, off-line or gone, as of 4/11/2011.
- A link to using the BMW Kukko puller tool remains active. here

BMW E28 Maintenance Tips Pg.6
Last revised Nov. 25, 2011
The EZcarlift in my little garage... a small but powerful helper, finally! And now with the
optional 6-inch caster wheels, I have more flexibility in positioning the car, simply by pushing
it around, not having to drive it in and out of the garage to reposition it... and only operating
the cold engine for five minutes!
- Velcro modification to my aluminum lifting blocks simplify lift positioning here.
- Greatly easing tire handling and a comment about tire balancing here.
- Storing the lift in my small garage.

- BMW E28 Modifications and Resources pages -

Modifications and Resources Pg.1
Last revised March 26, 2013
Carefully selected modifications I've made to my 528e, that have improved performance and links
to where I got the stuff, along with links to associated info and documentation.
- E28 Internet Resources
  links to E28 owner and user forums, web pages and the BMW CCA. Includes links to
  what my peers and Mike Miller (Tech Editor, ROUNDEL) think of my website.
- Links to M20 engine forums info on two E30 forums.
- Links to BMW parts resources, such as they are. We've lost BMW of Chattanooga, again!
  With this parts resource gone, who should we use now? members discuss this here.
- E32 750i BIG brake upgrade here and some install pics here.
- A list of BMW brake configurations that fit the E28 is here.
- Anti-sway bar changes, sway bar mount bracing, spring rates report and several white papers. here.
- Links to info on shock absorbers and adjustments/tuning. Also comments about staggered
  wheel and tire configurations and setup for an M5.
Applicable to other E28s when differences are
  properly factored in and adjusted for. here.
- E39 Style 29 BBS 16-inch wheels and tires and CORRECT hub-centric Ring Adaptor for E39 wheels, and
  additional wheel and tire size comments along with wheel pictures of the various types/styles. here.
- Euro headlights and improved wiring with relay power switching. here.
- Optional high performance headlamps. here.
- Improving rear end stop and running light visibility. here.
-  Yellow  or Clear parking/turn signal and fog light lenses, which looks best
   and where to get the clear lens versions. here
- Chipping the ECU with the popular brands, their performance differences and their effects on
  my 528e Virginia emissions test results. here.
- Comments about differences in Dyno brand test results are available here.

BMW E28 Modifications and Resources Pg.2
Last revised Aug. 4, 2008
On the question of finding a front strut brace that will fit the 528e. What has to be moved
to allow strut brace clearance and was the work worth the effort?.
- The long idle valve hose I installed creates an engine idle problem, this is the fix. here.

BMW E28 Modifications and Resources Pg.3
Last revised Dec. 22, 2012
Polishing the bumpers to get rid of failed anodize coating. Not as easy as many suggest!
Updated to include comment about sander types that should be used.
- Info on installing E28 Euro bumpers.

BMW E28 Modifications and Resources Pg.4
Last revised Apr. 2, 2012
- Installing a 3.46 limited slip differential.
- Worried About Your Clutch Pedal Bracket Cracking or Breaking? here
- What's the condition of your Guibo disk? here
- Guibo disk failing again because of... here
- Rebuilt half-shafts and CV boot sealing issues. here.
- Comments on 3.46 ratio driving experience to date. here.

BMW E28 Modifications and Resources Pg.5
Last revised April 12, 2013
Installing a Metric Mechanic HiFlo ST Cylinder Head. A project originally planned to be completed
in late 2009, it has slipped considerably due to other priorities. I am Replacing the stock cylinder
head with a high performance head built by Metric Mechanic, using a custom chip designed by
Mark D'Sylva of E.A.T. Mark has previously done custom chip design for Metric Mechanic engine
configurations and is the designer of the 528e chip I've been running since 2004, which I found
superior to the others I tested and reported on here. I will be doing photo documentation of the
work and later, dyno runs to see what the work and dollars has actually done for my old M20's
performance, along with documenting its fuel efficiency, under normal driving conditions,
after I am through sticking my foot in it. The project has restarted with rebuilding fuel injectors
purchased used and sent to Cruzin Performance, for their rebuilding proceedures! here.
- Additional Internet resource links dealing specifically with the M20 engine and modifications

- Other BMW E28 Subjects pages -

Paint Protection
Last revised Oct. 10, 2009
Keeping this 29 year old BMW (built Oct. 1982) and its original paint looking exceptional.
I purchased a GlossHaus kit (Jan. 2008) to see if I can gain some more depth and sparkle using
Dave's paint restoration system and a power polisher. Years of hand applied Zymol has kept it
looking very good, but Dave and I think there is quite a bit more we can obtain. Unfortunately,
my schedule has been filled with other, more important house projects, so I still haven't done
the paint restoration work. I will post the results when I finally tackle this GlossHaus project,
sometime later this year. I recently learned that Dave has sold the GlossHaus system, but I don't
know anything about the new owner, yet.

Electrical Problems
Last revised Jan. 23, 2012
Dealing with the well known electrical problems of the E28 including fuse, relay and ground
connection problems, responsible for:
- Starting problems, trouble shooting Motronic non-start problems guide.
- Stumbling problems, ignition cap and rotor wear, what does worn out look like? here.
- Erattic idle
- And many other electrical issues, plus these other topics:
  • Alternator regulator/brushes assembly replacement. here.
  • Intermittent power problems and many other head scratchers
  • Links to BMW E28 Electronic Troubleshooting Manuals (ETM). here.
  • A list of 528e ground point locations and what device(s) they support. here.
  • A recent article about Bosch Motronic troubleshooting steps. here.
  • Ground connection problem example, incorrect wire lug postions. here.
  • Fixing intermittent power window switch problems. here.

Lighting and Voltage Tests - Headlight lens polishing
Last revised July 21, 2010
Looking at the performance of improved wiring for the headlight circuits, when using the European
E28 lamps and high wattage bulbs
- Daniel Stern and "those "+30" and "+50" and "+80" type numbers are not necessarily a trick or a
  scam, it just doesn't mean what most people assume it means. here.
- Polishing plastic headlight lenses, not a longterm fix. here.

BMW E28 Steering Wheels
Last revised Feb. 10, 2010
My efforts at finding and mounting some really nice coarse spline hub steering wheels:
- The three spoke (533i) dealer option to replace the original four spoke 528e wheel
- Having a coarse-spline M-Tec I steering wheel recovered
- Modifying a MOMO coarse spline hub and modifying a fine spline M-Tec II E36 steering wheel
  to mount the modified MOMO hub on, so it will fit my coarse spline steering wheel shaft.
  Not a simple hacksaw job, but some expensive machining and it looks and feels great!

Other E28 BMW's
Last revised May 4, 2011
My selection of a few really nice E28s, owned by some E28 friends. David Vivian (and others)
look back to one of BMW's greatest hits, the E28 M5. And friend Derin in the UK has restored
a number of E28 BMWs and his webpages are well worth the time to visit. And some thoughts
about the Euro E28 M5 that I didn't buy, written by its new owner. here.

Last revised Mar. 6, 2012
A few awards my peers have bestowed on my E28. Thank You!
- Link to the BMW CCA National Capital Chapter 2012 concours event schedule.

Rod's Honda Fit page
Last revised Sept. 21, 2012
Information, tips and opinions on maintaining and making selected modifications to a 2008 Honda Fit
Sport 5-speed, purchased March 2008:
- Different wheels and tires (16-inch wheels and Ultra High Performance tires make
  a very major difference in handling and ride performance).
- Dunlops discarded, new Yokohamas will now serve for winter duty
- Front brake rotor and hub painting, to get rid of ugly rust. here.
- Revised road lighting, using new technology bulbs
- Bad door water leak problems. here.
- Links to additional Honda Fit resources. here.
- Current recorded average fuel mileage for the current total mileage on the Fit. here.

About Rod...
Last revised Sept 2, 2012
What's my background with automobiles and a few I've owned.
- Links to some good early Mopar action movies

--- Rod's Other Webpage Locations ---

Paine House Projects
Last revised November 14, 2012
Photo documentation on what we've been doing to our little 84 year old Sears Kit type house
(Nat'l Historic Reg.# 286-5001-0284), built based on the Carlin and Lebanon floorplans with
modifications by the local builder, Clarance Case and his brothers, who were involved in many
building and construction activities in our town, many involving recycled materials, much to
the benefit of the owners, such as ourselves, who are grateful for the old growth wood construction.

      - Links to the subjects below are in the web page header, unless shown below -

- Paine House... project info and resources for info on Sears Kit Homes. LINK
- Rebuilding the front porch and additional info added about insulating the knee wall above
  the porch ceiling, and significantly improving the ventilation of this area. LINK
  Additional porch project photos added, per your Email requests. LINK
- Installing split system ductless air conditioner systems, that replace the old window air
  conditioners, with near silent technology and greatly reduced energy needs. LINK
  Includes July 2010 energy cost compared to July 2008 and 2009 costs showing actual
  savings these systems provided, during this very hot weather period, versus earlier
  window air conditioners use, in 2008 and 2009 which were cooler months.
- August 2010 and another cooker of a month. Cooling costs are reported for the month of
  August, versus prior year cost for 2009 and 2008 electric bills with the
  old window air conditioners involved, versus the current Mitsubishi ductless systems.
  Covering the black insulation on the external plumbing, to minimize its appearance.
- Too much humidity in your house? Links to info on this important subject. LINK
- Tin roof power washed, scraped and two coats of paint applied.
- Building and weather stripping cedar faced insulated carriage garage doors
  and improved garage lighting using inexpensive lamp fixtures. LINK
- A comment on heating our garage with a forced air electric heater. LINK
- Simple window sun shade can greatly reduce sun heat gain. LINK
- Heating our old house with a wood stove. LINK

House Window Restoration Work
Last revised Dec. 17, 2011
Photo documentation on the rebuilding of 100+ year old double-hung windows and weather stripping
them for greatly improved performance and installing internal thermal insulating window systems.

      - Links to the subjects below are in the web page header, unless shown below -

- A list of links that address the various aspects of home window restoration and replacement. LINK
- Installing ClimateSEAL (Originally Petit Industries) internal thermal insulating windows
  and comments about the acceptable condition of the exterior windows involved. LINK
- improving small shed dormer window performance
- energy efficiency analysis and my comments/tips on doing old wooden window restoration work,
  along with other links to manufacturers, window renovation services and energy agencies,
  who discuss and comment on window replacement vs. renewal, costs invloved, energy savings,
  investment payback periods, impact to the original fabric of the house and other considerations.
- new exterior wooden shutters replace what was removed 50 years ago and to protect windows
  against UV damage and greatly reduce south facing window heat gain. LINK
- The beauty of "shuttered" summer sun light illumination in a room and comments about
  CFL color temperature (here) and changing it with simple applications of nail polish colors, here.
- A good article titled CFL Facts and Myths is well worth your reading time, especially the
  additional comments about CFL color temperature and why people look like a cadaver with
  some CFLs. Or the colors in your home take on an ugly hue when CFLs are installed. LINK
- The installation of an additional Anderson "Insert" window sash product and installing
  inexpensive vinyl shutters, but using a much better mounting method. LINK
- Building and weather stripping cedar faced insulated carriage garage doors. LINK
- The exterior window shutters are now open to allow winter sun heating of the south
  facing rooms, which stopped sun heat gain during the summer with the shutters closed.

Some things I've learned from my web site users
Last revised June 26, 2012

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