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This page updated March 27, 2011

2002 Golf IV TDI 5-speed, took 6 months to get delivery!


Interior and exterior colors helps keep summer heat at bay.

The wonderful TDI with its very high fuel mileage and performance.

Shelley's fuel log for past year - Excel screen capture.

UPDATE March 27, 2011 - Now at 101,729 miles the life time recorded average fuel mileage is 46.5 mpg - 5.06 l/100km. While some people note that we may have paid $0.20 - $0.30 per gallon more for diesel fuel, during various periods the past 10 years compared to gas cost, these people fail to factor in the total operating cost per mile involving diesel fuel, versus their typical gas costs driving an SUV that averages 16 mpg - 14.7 l/100km, if their lucky to even get this kind of mileage. Such fuel consumption is nearly 200% greater! How do you justify this kind of operating cost, for daily transportation?

Shelley's Mini in Oxford
Shelley's Fiat in Dublin
Shelley's Fiat at home