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This page last revised June 25, 2013
This long delayed project is now in the hands of the car's new owner, in Atlanta, GA. We are hoping he will document the work he arranges to have done and makes his comments available so I can post them here.
Installing a Metric Mechanic HiFlo ST Cylinder Head
Update June 25, 2013
After many delays in attempting to install this MM cylinder head, due to family matters, the car has been sold and is now in Atlanta, GA.
The car presently has a Mark D'Sylva E30-027.5K5 chip, in a "027 ECU" as noted elsewhere on this web site.
The horsepower gain with the MM cylinder head and D'Sylva designed ECU chip for this head, valve springs and cam, is expected to be about 20%, plus what ever the revised ECU chip can add to it. Dyno results from my runs done in 2006 on my current configuration, produced RWHP readings of:
A - 106.5 RWHP with stock ECU
B - 122.3 RWHP with E.A.T chip
I was hoping to see about 148-165 RWHP (41.5-58.5 RWHP gain over stock), once everything is in place and fully sorted. I hope the new owner willl post the dyno results, once he has them, so that we all can see what the installation of this MM head configuration and ECU chip combination has resulted in, in terms of actual RWHP performance.
The completed MM head arrived some time ago. (see pictures below) Difficulties in obtaining a satisfactory cylinder head core and the flu bug at MM had caused the delay. Fortunately, my garage is heated, so doing this project as winter moves in would not be an issue... other then I may not be able to road test it for a while, until a warm day comes along, due to the ultra high performance summer tires, which can't be run below a 45F (7.2C) temperature.

I asked Mark D'Sylva to look at the possibility of building a revised "027" ECU chip to take full advantage of the new MM M20 HiFlo ST cylinder head and cam configuration, as Mark has worked with MM developing revised ECU chips to work with MM engine configurations. Mark has delivered a new chip to work with the "027" ECU and the MM head configuration. Since I found Mark's earlier 528e ECU chip to be the best of the chips I tested, I am hoping he his worked his magic on this new MM cylinder head chip configuration. I have also purchased a used 6500 RPM 1984 533i tach and coding plug, to replace the current 5200 RPM tachometer, as the MM head redline is 6500 RPM.
Additional M20 Resources -
Here are two popular websites that have additional information about modifications to the M20. These are E30 sites, but the M20 info still applies. These are links to the M20 specific forums at these sites.
- The rv3limited forum
- The e30tech forum
Update February 21, 2012
- Here is a revised link to an example of an M20 head rebuild, showing all required parts and part numbers. I am not endorsing this web page by listing it here. It is simply a resource that show what parts are typically involved in various levels of an M20 engine rebuild, FYI.

Metric Mechanic SST Sport ETA cylinder head, exhaust side.

Metric Mechanic SST Sport ETA cylinder head, intake side.

Used injectors, going to Cruzin Performance for rebuilding.

Specs for the BOSCH 0-280-150-126 injector, used in the 528e is shown below. Additional specs for other BOSCH injector models are available here.
Update May 7, 2011
Twelve used injectors (0280150126) purchased from 'Mike in Seattle' ( arrived yesterday and are going out today to Cruzin Performance for complete rebuild, with six of the best closely matched performance injectors to be used in the new MM cylinder head. Original injectors in the old head will also be sent to Cruzin for rebuild, later, as I am sure someone will need them some day, since they are NLA from BMW and Bosch. Another good rebuilding service is RC Fuel Injection, which I used some years ago. They have a lot of good technical info at their web site, here.
May 21, 2011
Injectors are finished and ready for installation. Cruzin engraves a serial number on each injector, so its performance and service can be traced back to each individual injector.


Hand engraved Cruzin serial number on body of injector.

The fuel injectors in the original cylinder head will also be sent to Cruzin for rebuilding at a later date, then they will be sold when finished, as these injectors are NLA from BMW and Bosch.