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Update March 6, 2012 -
BMW CCA NCC 2012 Concours event info is here.

The first of a few more, I hope... 
Always getting positive comments from friends, associates and the general public who have stopped to look or have ridden in my 528e over nearly three decades, I decided, after urging from fellow BMW owners, especially one who consistantly wins awards for his BMW 2002tii, to place the car in major competition with its peers. My old 528e has done pretty well!
At the October 2, 2005 BMW CCA event...
The cars first competition in the National Capital Chapter event and it did well, impressing quite a few people with its original condition and mechanical changes, the latter which had no effect on the judging.




At The May 7, 2006 BMW CCA event...
Our second year in competition in the sedan class. Unfortunately, the blue E34 M5 in the background, ten years newer and with 100,000 less miles took first place. This M5 was sold to Ron Perry shortly after this event and was shipped to him in California. Nice car, but hardly a fair comparison to my older E28. The sedan class needs rethinking of its judging criteria!

At the May 7, 2006 event.

Second Place award from Richard.


We hope to do well, again, in 2007. Thank you, all my friends and fellow BMW owners who have been so supportive! I really appreciate your encouragement, advise and support. It is great fun and I am proud to see my old 528e appreciated by so many folks.

At The May 6, 2007 BMW CCA event...
Shelley and I had a great time at our 3rd year National Capital Chapter competition and enjoyed meeting more BMW owners. With over 50 BMW's at the event there was a lot of good competition and our 528e did okay. Up against a beautiful 1980 530i with only 17,000 miles on it, after nearly two decades of storage, it was impossible to best this vehicle with mine. Great competition!




The 2012 BMW CCA National Capital Chapter Concours Event took place on Sunday, May 6, 2012 at Nottoway Park, Vienna, Virginia. A NCC Forum thread about the event has been posted here.
I did not participate in the event last year or this year, primarily due to other activities. And, I must admit I had second thoughts about spending so much prep time, for an audience that has little real understanding of what is required to maintain a car at such a level as I and others do, who are showing primarily ORIGINAL condition vehicles, also known as SURVIVORS... and with no judging of its mechanical condition, even a cursory look at known E28 problem areas and documentation of work performed, which I feel is actually much more important, if the car is to be proven to be more then just another pretty face. Or, a 'fluff and buff' job, as one of my 528e owner friend labels them.
You can learn more about the direction I am considering taking my BMW, by reading this short article by David Burroughs, Restore it? Or Not!
My opinion, of course, but it's based on nearly three decades of looking at and working on a number of E28 528e BMWs, and other E28 models that I've been asked to advise on. Far too many of them were in sad shape, showing a life of poor service and maintenace, with the owners typically only investing time in keeping the paint shiney and spending money on wheels and tires... many of them of questionable technical value as they were installed for looks, not performance value. The E28 is very capable of delivering so much more when it has been properly cared for and has received proven BMW parts upgrades. Believe me, I know!
With the coming 2013 Concours being the 30th year of this event and my 528e having celebrated its 30th birthday, approaching its 31st, perhaps it should participate. Yes?