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This page last revised Update Oct. 10, 2009
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Latest pictures of paint condition...
Exterior and interior care has involved the use of Zymol products, since day one when I leased this car and brought it home, April 1983. Everybody has their favorite care products, but few can show what 23 years of using these products has resulted in. There is no question that Zymol products are excellent products, given the condition of my BMW.
This is the original paint! It's always difficult to show exterior paint condition, using photos, but here's my effort to do so, right after she was waxed and moved into the driveway just after sunrise.

Early morning pictures taken September 5, 2005

Sun coming up, reflection shot to show surface

Reflection shot

Reflection shoot, roof

Reflection shot, trunk deck

Update Jan. 10, 2008
The refinishing kit I ordered from Dave Crawford, of GlossHaus, for application on my 528e, has arrived. Now, the task will be to see if I can improve its paint appearance, especially the possible minimization of the acid rain damage. I'll start by doing some extensive photo documentation, over the next several days, to show the results as I use the kit per Dave's instructions. I am hoping I can make the BMW really sparkle.
Update Oct. 10, 2009
Recent comments on addressed Dave Crawford's sale of his GlossHaus products to Atlantic Euro Store in Winston-Salem, NC. Unfortunately, I still haven't used Dave's products yet, simply because other projects have had priority for my time, but I still intend to apply this system to my 528e and report on my results.