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This page last revised Feb 18, 2013
(Michael Burger's ORIGINAL 1988 535i)

Some very nice E28's owned by other folks... 
Michael Burger's beautiful and ORIGINAL 1988 535i, with some Euro parts installed. One of the few ORIGINAL E28's still around and maintained at concours level. ORIGINAL condition E28's of this level are becoming very rare and I am very happy to show Mike's E28 with such good photo documentation. Pictures are here.
Below is RonP's award winning 1985 Euro M5. A truly one-of-a-kind E28!
RonP's award winning Euro M5, which he sold in 2007.


Ron P's beautiful M5 engine bay... almost as clean as mine. :-)


As I've indicated above, this Euro M5 is no longer owned by Ron, as it was purchased by Tim Jones. Pictures of the car taken in 2008 are here. Rumor has it that I was interested in buying this M5. Yes, I did meet with Tim in late March of 2009, to inspect the car and to discuss a possible trade of my 528e plus cash, in the following spring of 2010, when my financials would be ready. In the fall of 2009, Tim's plans changed and he needed the funds the M5 would bring sooner than the original plan, centered around the spring of 2010. Unfortunately I couldn't swing it that much sooner, so I thanked Tim and we cancelled our agreement, allowing him to sell the M5 to someone else. Tim assures me it went to a good home and that is all that really matters. I do wish I had been able to swing the deal, as this M5 is truly one of a kind. But, so is my 528e, it would seem as some expressed here.
Update May 4, 2011
The new current owner of the Euro M5 has written a short review of his experience with the car, which is well worth your time, if you're an M5 fan. His review is here.
Several articles written about the E28 M5, that all of us who have some experience with the vehicle, will appreciate. For those of you that have never had an opportunity to spend some time with an E28 M5, take a moment and read this. You'll see why we feel as we do about the E28 M5.
And here are two more articles... one at europeancarweb and another at autoblog.

And how about Ron's Alpina B9 3.5 clone. Very nice, Ron!


The Alpina B9 interior with additional guage cluster.

1988 535is, for sale September 2005 in CA. Very nice!

Derin's beautiful 1986 528i in the UK, sold May 2007 for US $16,000.

Derin's gallery of his BMWs

Derin's work on the M535i (shown in the Gallery) was also documented at the start of his work on the car and during the restoration process, which can be seen at these links. Derin has done quite a bit of E28 restoration work, as his web pages document.

Tusker's 1987 UK 528iSE

The color of the headlight grilles is certainly interesting

1983 E28 Alpina B2.8 sold in the UK. 192HP M20 Engine.

Not an E28, but a beautiful E12 Alpina b7 turbo.

The E12 came from here

Were these "Touring's" built for BMW?




More info about these E28 station wagons

Not an E28, but certainly a beautiful M6!