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Maintaining a 30+ year old BMW 528e in original condition and making
selected modifications with supporting text and photo documentation

BMW CCA Local Events - 2013


6-series 19-spoke TRX wheel used as spare as 205/55-16 is too wide to fit well.

1983 BMW 528e E28
VIN No. WBADK7301D7955481
This 30+ year old 1983 528e is 98% original!
Only selected mechanical modifications have been made as identified
in the Maintenance and Modifications History document, available here.
Fully optioned with the exception of heated seats, this BMW was built October 1982 (31 years old Oct. 2013) and includes these factory and dealer installed options:

 - Pearl Beige Leather Interior (manual 'Comfort' seats)
 - On-board Computer (12-button/2-switch LED display)
 - Optional Streering Wheel (from 533i)
 - Sun Roof Air Deflector (dark brown tint)
 - BBS Front Spoiler (BBS Typ. 21 10 013)
 - 390mm wheels and TRX tires, including spare tire.
    These are the E24 6 series 19-spoke wheels, not
     the 18-spoke type C wheel used on the 533/535
     with Michelin TRX tires.
 - Limited Slip 2.93 Differential
 - Fog Lights w/steel guards (Bosch)
 - Saphire Blue metalic paint

I am the original owner, having leased this new 528e from Evergreen BMW, Frederick, MD, in April 1983 for a closed-end lease agreement price of $24,000 ($49,090 in 2012 dollars) and then purchasing the vehicle at the end of the 48 month lease in March 1987, for $10,455 ($21,364 in 2012 dollars). The April 1987 appraised value was $14,750 ($30,170 in 2012 dollars), so I made out okay purchasing it. If you are new to auto leasing, I suggest you read this first, before you enter into any lease agreement.
Here is a full listing of the Maintenance and Modifications History (last updated April 8, 2013) performed on this BMW since day one, in .pdf format. It was updated as changes were made. Invoices and receipts for all labor and parts since day one, including a copy of my original 1983 GE business auto lease agreement and 1987 GE bill of sale, are now in the possesion of the new owner.

The fuel mileage has been recorded since June 2004, when this web site was created. It's life time average was 26.15 MPG, with a low of 22.1 MPG (minimum 20.1 mpg) during ECU chip testing and a high of 30.5 MPG (maximum 32.3 mpg) during a 1392 mile trip. All fuel mileage is calculated by dividing miles driven by gallons pumped. The OBC numbers are not used, as they are not accurate, showing better than actual MPG on this OBC, by 3 to 7 percent.

This 1983 528e is considered one of the finest original condition 528e 5-speed models on the east coast, including very effective mechanical upgrades, by my fellow BMW owners and friends who know the vehicle.

Rod Paine
BMW CCA Member 81836
National Capital Chapter


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aspect of the car at its best. Here is a CHF to $ converter.

Three vehicle inspection reports which will assist you in making a vehicle pre-purchase inspection, or evaluating the condition of your own vehicle(s). For anyone who is interested in the UK "MOT", it is also included below.

BNC at 535i Inspection Report

Honda Certified Used Standards Inspection List 1/10/08

The UK "MOT" Checklist

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